In Good Health: One year from now

Six questions to help imagine possibilities for living and loving the fullness of your life.

Story by Tara Rice Simkins, J.D.

The weather this time of year in our beautiful part of the world is filled with the promise of what is to come. It’s a perfect time to reflect and imagine future possibilities.

Reflecting on my own life, in what seems like a previous lifetime, pre-childhood cancer, I had the privilege of practicing law in Atlanta and Augusta.  I made my way to this crazy, life-saving, and life giving career as a coach after doing all of the deep soul searching work that living at the bedside of childhood cancer provides and the rebounding and rebuilding work that necessarily follows both the heart break and heart expansion of that experience.

During this process, I learned that some of the most meaningful work each of us may do is the work of tending to the spirit of our own lives.

What do we want the spirit of our lives to reflect?

How do we want to be known to ourselves and others?

I recently returned from speaking at a Wellness Retreat and Continuing Legal Education Program hosted by the State Bar of Georgia in Arizona in which we took the time to answer these questions and several others. The feedback from the participants was remarkable, showing me that we are all craving resources and tools to help us find our internal still point in a world of ever- increasing information and speed, an opportunity to slow down and create meaning out of our lives.

I thought I would share some of the questions upon which we reflected during that seminar, “Imagine the Possibilities in Our Lives One Year from Now.” 

Grab a paper and pen, along with your copy of this magazine, and walk out to your favorite spot on your porch or your dock, or if it is rainy, find a spot at the kitchen table.

Take a few moments to ground yourself in the beauty of where you are, breathing in the sights, the sounds, and the smells, feeling your feet firmly planted on the earth – or your deck or the kitchen floor – let a sense of gratitude wash over you for all that has brought you to this moment.

When you are ready, answer each of these questions one by one. Let the answers come to you easily. Don’t struggle with finding the right answer. Allow yourself to be surprised by the ease of it all.

  1.  What do you want to create more of in your life? It may be something that you do not have right now. It may be more wellness, a new venture, a better golf score, more me time, or it may be a spirit or value that you want to explore and reflect, like connection, generosity, adventure, wisdom, etc.
  2. Why do you want to create this in your life over the next year? Is there a particular life situation that you are facing? Do you find yourself wondering if there is a better way? Are you curious about what else might be out there? Are you transitioning to another stage in your life?
  3. What do you think creating this [fill in the blank] will give you in your life a year from now? How will it change the way you react and what happens in your life? What images do you see? What physical sensations arise when you think about a you that has created this in your life? How will your relationships be? What about your work? Will you be more engaged and energetic? Will you laugh more? Play more? Will you be more willing to be present with the uncomfortable parts of life? Will you be living more from a place of flourishing? Will you have released your grip on a grudge or resentment? Will you live more gratefully? 
  4. How might you go about creating this newly imagined possibility in your life with ease and elegance?
  5. What might get in the way of you creating this newly imagined possibility? 
  6. Plan for those contingencies. Is it time to re-evaluate your current commitments in light of what you want to create this year? Remember your answer to No. 3 above – what it will feel like to create this new thing in your life? And remember, “No” to what others may want from you may be necessary to create what is meaningful to you.
  7. Most importantly, I want you to spend time every day imagining who you will become in the creating of this new thing in your life over the next year. Return to this spot daily and weekly and sink into that feeling again and again.
  • Tara Rice Simkins, J.D., is a soul centered life coach, and co-founder of the Press On Fund. Her childhood philanthropy is inspired by her family’s journey inside the world of pediatric cancer. She lives in North Augusta with her husband, Turner, her three sons, Nat, Brennan, and Christopher, and their dog, Lucky. Read more at or

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