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With more than 20 years of Christmas memories, Jack’s Creek Farm is still growing strong

You know you’re getting close to Jack’s Creek Farm when you start passing cars with Christmas trees, wrapped in red netting, strapped to their roof.

At the end of the gravel drive, past rows of perfectly-pruned bright green Leyland Cypress, Red Cedars, deep Green Giants, and faintly blue Carolina Sapphire and Blue Ice trees, incoming cars are handed a handsaw and sent on their way to find the perfect tree.

Just beyond, at Grandma’s Christmas Shop, the line to meet Santa is starting to form. Children of all ages run to the oversized red sleigh just outside the door and climb aboard while parents snap photos.

People crisscross between the petting zoo and the Christmas shop with steaming cups of hot chocolate in hand, or stroll slowly, popping boiled peanuts from their shells.

Underneath an open barn, rows of pre-cut Fraser firs from North Carolina look right at home among the acres of others. Friendly teenagers from nearby high schools help shoppers select trees, bale them, and tie them to the roofs of outgoing cars.

The buzz of mechanical tree shakers is constant.

Everything is bustling.

It’s Christmas at Jack’s Creek.

The 50-acre tree farm, tucked away between Bostwick and Bishop, roars to life around Thanksgiving and has become a destination for those seeking a “cut-your-own” experience to share with their family. And, for more than 20 years, Jack’s Creek Farm has been building on that experience, adding the Christmas shop, petting zoo, concessions, hay rides, a new tunnel of lights, and of course, visits with Santa.

“It’s really become all about the families,” says Mark Batchelor, who opened the Christmas tree farm and nursery with Damon Malcom in 1996. “People love coming here with their family and it’s become a tradition for a lot of them. Some came here as a kid are now bringing their own families. I love that. If we can play a part in connecting and giving them some good memories every year, that’s more important than the tree.”

Jack’s Creek Farm is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., November 23 through December 20. For details on Santa’s visits, Grandma’s Christmas Shop, hay rides, and the Tunnel of Lights, visit

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