Doggone good wine

Scout & Cellar’s canine-inspired specialty labels are designed to get the health-conscious connoisseur’s tail wagging

Story by Mary Masters

Scout & Cellar, a women-owned business based out of Texas that delivers Clean-Crafted™ wine directly to doorsteps, has such a love for dogs that they named two labels after them.

The Greeter label is named after Pip, the winery dog and official “greeter.” She greets each person who comes into the office with a smile and a wag.

The Dove Hunt Dog label is one of my favorites. It is comprised of four different Clean-Crafted™ wines, meaning there are no added sugars or chemicals to these organic wines that are sourced from small vineyards around the world where the grapes are hand-picked and hand-sorted. Lab testing guarantees the wines are free of pesticides or chemical additives, making them a healthy alternative to mass-produced wines, and perfect for those who live a Paleo, Gluten-Free or Low-Carb lifestyle.

Here, you will find a detailed description of each wine in the Dove Hunt Dog label.

The Dove Hunt Dog Rosé – $17

North Coast, CA

100% Syrah, Organic, Vegan, Alc. 13%, RS (Residual Sugar) .05g/l

In the summertime, a light Rosé is perfect for all occasions – poolside, lakeside, happy hours, you name it. This wine is bright and refreshing with notes of strawberry, red cherry, and melon balanced by crushed limestone on a dry finish.

Fun Fact: Many people think the color of Rosé is a direct correlation of the sweetness of the wine but that is false. Rosé gets its color because the grape juice, which is white, sits on the skins which are red, for about six hours. If the skins were taken off immediately, the wine would appear white even though it came from red grapes.

Pairs great with: Seafood, soft cheeses, spicy foods, and lounging lakeside.

The Dove Hunt Dog Sauvignon Blanc – $22

Potter Valley, CA

100% Sauvignon Blanc, Vegan, Organic, Alc. 13.1%, RS .05g/l  

This is one of my favorites and a great fall wine that is earthy and crisp. It has hints of white peach, melon, and lemon zest on a light body frame with a clean bright finish. 

Fun Fact: Centuries ago, in France, Sauvignon Blanc vines accidentally crossed with Cabernet Franc vines to create the popular Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pairs great with: Cold seafood platters, grilled fish and/or roasted vegetables.

The Dove Hunt Dog Chardonnay – $25

Potter Valley, CA

100% Chardonnay, Vegan, Organic, Alc. 13.5%, RS .05g/l

This is not your typical buttery, creamy chardonnay. This unoaked Chardonnay is fresh and precise with lemon curd, yellow apple, and a hint of pear balanced by a chalky minerality and a clean finish. If you’ve never tried an unoaked Chardonnay or shy away from Chardonnay because of the oaky taste, I would give this one a try.

Fun Fact: Unoaked wine is aged in steel barrels, not oaked ones.

Pairs great with: Sushi and shellfish, roasted chicken, and light pasta dishes.

The Dove Hunt Dog Pinot Noir – $20

Sonoma Valley, CA

100% Pinot Noir, Vegan, Organic, Alc. 14.3%, 1.2 g/l

For a red wine, this knocks it out of the park and the price is delicious. Even my high-end red drinkers enjoy this one. Juicy and approachable, these fruit-forward notes of wild cherry and red raspberry are balanced by cinnamon graham cracker on a medium-bodied frame with a fruity finish.

Fun Fact:  The estate that created thisPinot Noir has been family owned and operated since 1896.

Pairs great with: Beef, veal, grilled chicken or anything BBQ.

About the Author: Mary Masters is UGA graduate and Independent Wine Consultant for Scout & Cellar. She has a WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Level 2 and is currently working on her CSW (Certified Wine Specialist). In her spare time, between hosting wine tastings at private homes or corporate events, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and two dogs at the lake. For more information, visit

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