Meet John Matney

A Helping Hand: Harbor Club owner, John Matney, talks success and stewardship
Written by Andrea Gable, Photographed by Terry Allen

Go Set a Watchman

Appreciate Watchman, but keep Mockingbird high on its perch Written by Lucy Adams   Scout glides into the opening chapters of Go Set a Watchman on her annual return to Maycomb, Alabama, to visit her father, Atticus Finch, and her love interest, Henry Clinton. She enters as Jean Louise, a modern woman shaking loose of…

Meet the Raptor family

Raptors at Lake Oconee (and not Jurassic Park) Written by Willis Johnson I suspect all of you enjoy birds in your gardens with their cheerful sounds, bright colors, nests of baby birds and antics in the bird baths. However, do you enjoy Raptors (birds of prey – dinosaur relatives) in your gardens? We sure do….

Brothers from Plainview

The brothers from Plainview: A story cast through the precepts of literary conflict Written by Leara Rhodes Once upon a time there were two brothers, sons of sharecroppers in Morgan County, Georgia, more specifically, Plainview, just outside of Madison. There were ten children born of Viola and George Andrews, but for this story, there are…